Abstracts of №1, 2016

180 anniversary of the first “Philosophical letter” of Peter Chaadaev – the first Russian dissident – “mentally ill”

The emperor Nicolas the First had declared Chaadaev as mentally ill and sentenced him to one tear involuntary home treatment for publishing the text claiming that Russia was doomed to remain in condition of eternal stagnation.

Key word: sources of punitive psychiatry in Russia

Pedophilia and children pornography in context of contemporary society

Anonym Mysterious

Discussion of pedophilia and children pornography began in the USA at the end of 1970s. Public and professional acknowledgement that significant numbers of children are sexually abused by their relatives and caretakers did not really begin to emerge until the mid-1970s. Since that time that problem has given rise to significant social panic in nearly all developed countries (USA, Canada, Australia and European countries), the average citizens in majority support struggle with pedophiles, which has developed into hot political item;   persons struggling with pedophiles s and children pornography are respected and they spend a lot of money, time and efforts for their activities. In general, as it is evident from news and statements of official persons, the main ideas of the present movement for struggle with pedophilia and children pornography amount to several central theses. The author considers consequently these theses and discusses some general ideas and facts which are the most important. The objective view on this problem based on scientific data should be the result of this work.

Key words: pedophilia, children pornography   

Involuntary hospitalization: why the police have no right to enter a patient’s apartment in absence of a psychiatrist


The author considerers the norms of legislation regulating the order of interaction of medical personnel and police during involuntary hospitalization of a person to mental impatient facility. She presents the analysis of the Resolution of the European Human Rights Court of January 16, 2014 on the case “Shtibortch and Kumin against Russia”.

Key word: involuntary hospitalization, assistance of police workers

The bureaucratic stand of psychiatrists – a dramatic domino effect

Presented is the demonstrative example when in conditions of authoritarian power a mere trifle develops into a snow avalanche which doesn’t spare a human being in defiance of medical ethics and human rights. Antihuman behavior of doctors and bureaucrats itself provokes the regular coil of resistance. The open letter of IPA of Russia to the President of the Republic of Belarus is presented. 

Key words: forensic psychiatric evaluation, medical ethics and human rights

General questions of contemporary real situation concerning pedophilia


Presented is the review of contemporary situation concerning general notions and the latest laws of the RF connected with pedophilia. Represented are different points of view on the concept of pedophilia itself. Presented is the revue of evolutional sources of the phenomenon.  Attention is drawn to antisocial and criminal sides of “people” struggle with pedophilia as well as to a significant change of legislation and to senseless of toughening of punishment for possessors of pedophilia as paraphilia.

Key words: pedophilia, sexual behavior of primates, lechery acts, homosexuality, sexual crimes.  

About one eternally urgent aspect of psychiatry


The author discusses problems of norm, pathology and disease in mental disorders with religious thematics.

Key word: psychiatry and religion, religious thematic of mental disorders.

About Higher Attestation Commission (HAC) status of the Independent Psychiatric Journal

In December of 2015 the IPJ was deprived of HAC status, i.e. publications in it would not be taken in consideration during defending a thesis on the basis of low index of citing. But in contemporary Russian conditions references to oppositional acutely polemic journal are disapproved, although the professional elite reads and appreciates it.

Key word: index of citing

Psychiatric beds for VIPs of the opposition

The beginning of 2016 year was marked by series of token events: committing to the flames of books published by Soros Foundation; the bill, actually forbidding criticism of authorities by organizations with foreign financing and not calling themselves as foreign agents; the law permitting using weapons even against children and pregnant women and at last the statement of Ramzan Kadyrov, who after accusing opposition of intention to overthrow the power (he means possible lawful change of power) said in particular: I don’t intimidate Anatoly, they are meagre people, they need treatment, we have excellent psychiatrists, we are ready to give places in mental hospitals for VIPs of the opposition.  

Key word: psychiatry in authoritarian state

Grandiose discomfiture of the Ethics Committee

In connection with the resonant case of Olesya Sadovskaya, the Ethics Committee of the Belarus Psychiatric Association (BPA) has passed the resolution which was distributed in all regions: BPA is not engaged in the “unregulated including human rights activities”, although the matter raised was only about observance of human rights.

Key word: psychiatry and human rights

Obituary: Joseph Moiseevitch Feigenberg

The author of conception of probabilistic forecasting in neuro-psychic activities, who had saved brilliant works of Nikolay Bernstein and developed his ideas.

Key word: probabilistic forecasting, Nikolay Bernstein